>Studio Work….eyes shadows….


Three Graces
Cathy Hegman

cold wax oil painting on board

Here is one of the latest in a series of Medusa or eye shadowed paintings. I believe this series is a reflection of how I see the world after the age of 50. I feel like the figures I am painting lately, with eyes shaded and incognito is an attempt to be in this world and not of it with the sole desire being to avoid being crushed by societal changes and pressures of the world. I am not sure but maybe living in the middle of nowhere makes this a much easier task these days and the fact that after a certain age I am quite sure that people become very translucent and unnoticed in the world by those of a younger age. I think one of our greatest fears is being irrelevant and useless.

The depth of this painting is in its complexity. The development of layers and subsequent excavation of parts of the painting have given this a feeling of movement even though the figures are quite stagnant, and the overall feel is one of stability,unity,and strength. There are many of the symbols that occur in most if not all of my work, they work in design and in thought for my work. The repetition of many elements gives this piece its intrigue, which I think is key in paintings. The more I paint the more that I think I dig into my psyche and dredge thoughts that are suppressed by the fear of what others might think but somehow the cloak of pigment and medium make it benign enough to share with the world. I began this piece with ampersand board and I generously coated it with gesso, 3 layers to be exact. I then designed my painting, at first thinking I would keep it very simple and plain much like the others in this series but somehow things took a u-turn and I got really into texture and pattern. I painted this with oil paint, cold wax and liquin. I also created the lettering by cutting out letters printed on regular bond paper in a generic font. I arranged them on the area that I wanted the print and then painted many layers over them, I had not planned on lifting the letters. I woke up on the fifth day after probably 5 layers and felt the letters were too strong ( I had printed them in black but had several layers of paint and medium over them)so I decided to try to lift the bond paper letters off revealing the under layers of collage and paint. I felt like if this failed ,well then,I would just try to leave the letters off and work more with just texture in that area.The oil paint with the wax was dry to the touch but not cured; so I lifted them with no problem, and it made the piece so much more cohesive and related having these previous layers revealed. All of this to say go with the flow, don’t stick to a plan just to say you did, you might miss a wonderful opportunity to teach yourself something new.
Hope you will find something new and share it with someone…
Till I blog again, thank you for reading my thoughts and processes…


*All artwork and text included in this blog is copyright protected by Cathy Hegman and should not be reproduced in any form or fashion or used without the written permission of Cathy Hegman. All text and artwork included in this blog are solely the thoughts and original art of the artist, Cathy Hegman, unless otherwise noted, and are meant only to be guidelines and thoughts for others to read.my blog.
*All photography is copyright protected by Thomas Hegman and should not be reproduced in any form or fashion or used without the written permission of Thomas Hegman.

About Cathy S. Hegman

Art, much like a road links people together both visually and mentally. One can attain a glimpse inside the artist’s soul by studying the artist’s work, and perhaps find something that links them to the artist and the art. A work of art has the ability to resonate and touch the emotions without regard to age, gender, race, or religion through the application of pigment to canvas or paper. Art can be the voice that cries out without limits, or sometimes whispers the thoughts of the creator. Art speaks silently, yet conjures up feelings and gives satisfaction that is undeniable, and yet intrinsic. It validates our need to learn about ourselves, and gives us freedom to search for our own identities. The road is long and often dusty, but always renewing the spirit with inspiration. It is my hope in this lifetime to give a part of what I have learned through and on my journey with others. The deepest form of us is revealed in our thoughts and my art is the translation of my thoughts to paper and canvas. I paint layers of color and line to create a history of marks that will guide the viewer into my world of thought and engage them in the process. I embed personal symbols throughout my art to give it deeper meaning. I encourage you to think about life in a visual way and to contemplate our connections with each other and the world we share.
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8 Responses to >Studio Work….eyes shadows….

  1. annell says:

    >I enjoyed seeing your new painting. And what you said about it. Very successful! Thanks

  2. Cathy Hegman says:

    >Thanks Annell! I am glad you found Judi's site ! It is abstract collage etc., or that is what I am looking for it to be! 🙂 Funny how the net will let you make one little slight click mistake and send you off into never never land! I do it all the time too! :X

  3. Cathy Hegman says:

    >Annell, this is not encaustic but it is cold wax and oil paint. I do a lot of encaustic work and have posted it before but this is not encaustic. This is like any oil painting, after time it fully dries and cures, although the wax speeds up the dry time significantly. I am sorry for the confusion I will have to be careful and word things better.I love encaustics but they are pretty much cured when they cool which is fast! Hope that helps on the confusion…

  4. CMC says:

    >Just now seeing this..so much for looking up my Bloglines stuff. THIS one is really wonderful.Reading the part about incognito made me think of what you said about feeling invisible while we stood 5+ deep at the restaurant waiting for out table in the midst of the young, hip crowd in Dallas in January.

  5. Heather Day says:

    >great work. I love the collage look to your paintings. Thanks for following my blog

  6. Cathy Hegman says:

    >Thanks Heather and I enjoy your work as well!

  7. SKIZO says:

    >Thank you for sharingThis fabulous work with usGood creations

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