Manipulations new work Envy

I am working on a series of work that has the common muse of manipulation .  We are easily manipulated, and I am not quite convinced that manipulation, at it’s core is not the very motivation of life.  We grow up with parents, family, and friends that for good or bad manipulate and mold us into what they believe to be the model child. We are so ingrained to manipulate as  those around us have done all of our lives that  it comes as second nature and we  often have to fight the need to maneuver others.   So the quest is to find out if pulling someone’s strings is good or bad. Perhaps we would stagnate and die if someone or something did not manipulate us to make us make a move in life.  So is manipulation the same as motivation, or does it simply preordain motivation? With all of this in mind the underlying commonality in these pieces is that there are figures that have strings attached, but not distinctly visible, and often I try to hide the lines or strings that are pulling the figures into movement, much like in life, we often do not see the manipulators or their attachments. They pull and tug on our  life , often they manipulate us in a subtle way that will  fool us into believing that what we are doing is our own will, only to find there is an alternative reason for our actions.

If we manipulate others and they manipulate us all of our life, then perhaps manipulation even though it is  negatively thought of in a “puppeteer like” fashion, could just be a good thing and perhaps integral for life.

Here is the latest of the manipulation series of works:

This painting is titled Envy, as envy is one of the biggest manipulators in life, we want what we see and often we want to become what we see.  The figures in this piece are based on a concept I came up with after a wonderful trip to the zoo with my son Thomas.   We both love the zoo and all of the animals. I find  the exotics have the most  mesmerizing and fascinating patterns .   My dear artist friend, Tina Bradford, whom left this earth way too soon, loved zebras.  I always think of her when I see one, or see the familiar black and white pattern on anything.  This is a form of manipulation in itself, that has motivated me to work with this series of paintings.  I am creating  figures from my mind that are an amalgamation of animal and human and calling them “humanimals”. I am taking artistic license with this series.  I hope you find it interesting and perhaps will be manipulated to think about all of this further.  Take care

As always thank you for reading and I hope you find a sliver of inspiration in my work and words.
*All artwork and text included in this blog is copyright protected by Cathy Hegman and should not be reproduced in any form or fashion or used without the written permission of Cathy Hegman. All text and artwork included in this blog are solely the thoughts and original art of the artist, Cathy Hegman, unless otherwise noted, and are meant only to be guidelines and thoughts for others to blog.

About Cathy S. Hegman

Art, much like a road links people together both visually and mentally. One can attain a glimpse inside the artist’s soul by studying the artist’s work, and perhaps find something that links them to the artist and the art. A work of art has the ability to resonate and touch the emotions without regard to age, gender, race, or religion through the application of pigment to canvas or paper. Art can be the voice that cries out without limits, or sometimes whispers the thoughts of the creator. Art speaks silently, yet conjures up feelings and gives satisfaction that is undeniable, and yet intrinsic. It validates our need to learn about ourselves, and gives us freedom to search for our own identities. The road is long and often dusty, but always renewing the spirit with inspiration. It is my hope in this lifetime to give a part of what I have learned through and on my journey with others. The deepest form of us is revealed in our thoughts and my art is the translation of my thoughts to paper and canvas. I paint layers of color and line to create a history of marks that will guide the viewer into my world of thought and engage them in the process. I embed personal symbols throughout my art to give it deeper meaning. I encourage you to think about life in a visual way and to contemplate our connections with each other and the world we share.
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2 Responses to Manipulations new work Envy

  1. Cat, I’m duly manipulated and inspired! Great new word: Humanimals. Gonna steal it for sure, with credit to your gorgeous self, of course.

  2. Love reading what you are thinking and working on. When I saw the first image, the first thing that popped into my mind………”Of Two Minds”…….. I prefer to think not so much of manipulation but of motivation. Envy your way with words.

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