Unrequited love…

What is it that drives you to get up and face the day?  Last night I lay awake most of the night thinking about paintings and what I am seeking to find in the pigment and canvas.  I am constantly searching, painting, wiping off, thinking, painting, wiping off again, and thinking more.  I am looking for the things that ravage my mind at night, and  claw and kick to find their way on to the canvas in the light of day. Part of me knows what they are and another part does not.  The feeling of inadequate placement, ability, knowledge keep me humble and constantly falling so close to the edge I feel the depths.  So I get up every day and wander with an aimless surety that the day will bring something new and wonderful.

I took dancing as a child and loved it; although I was clumsy and not at all graceful.  I watched those that were with an innocence bereft of  jealousy; just  pure joy at seeing them move through the dances so smoothly, while all I could do was try to calculate my next move.  My dance instructor told me over and over to stop thinking and just dance.  I never knew what she meant until I got older, it was actually really good advice. I loved the costumes we got to wear, especially the tutus.  I loved the layers of satin edged tulle that bounced and moved so easily .  I keep returning to tutus in my artwork.  There is something hidden in the image of a tutu that is a mystery to me even today.

Here are two of the tutu paintings…they are different yet similar..still the same single figure with a tutu that belies the  singleness and stillness of the figure…one day I will paint one that tells me my tutu days are done; but for now…I keep struggling with the balance between the tutu and the figure.

Morning White Tutu 2017_40x40_acrylic_copyright Cathy Hegman_smallwm-1

Morning White TuTu 40 x 40 Acrylic on canvas by Cathy Hegman

Red Tutu

Little Red Tutu oil  24 x 20 by Cathy Hegman


 Thank you for reading my blog!

Take care,

Cathy Hegman


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About Cathy S. Hegman

Art, much like a road links people together both visually and mentally. One can attain a glimpse inside the artist’s soul by studying the artist’s work, and perhaps find something that links them to the artist and the art. A work of art has the ability to resonate and touch the emotions without regard to age, gender, race, or religion through the application of pigment to canvas or paper. Art can be the voice that cries out without limits, or sometimes whispers the thoughts of the creator. Art speaks silently, yet conjures up feelings and gives satisfaction that is undeniable, and yet intrinsic. It validates our need to learn about ourselves, and gives us freedom to search for our own identities. The road is long and often dusty, but always renewing the spirit with inspiration. It is my hope in this lifetime to give a part of what I have learned through and on my journey with others. The deepest form of us is revealed in our thoughts and my art is the translation of my thoughts to paper and canvas. I paint layers of color and line to create a history of marks that will guide the viewer into my world of thought and engage them in the process. I embed personal symbols throughout my art to give it deeper meaning. I encourage you to think about life in a visual way and to contemplate our connections with each other and the world we share.
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7 Responses to Unrequited love…

  1. cdmcclure says:

    Another awesome blog post, Cathy.

  2. cdmcclure says:

    Awesome blog post,Cathy.

  3. jack statt says:

    it’s my first time here – I didn’t know you were such a prolific writer!!
    Since i’ve left face book, I have no way to keep up with new paintings and or the antics of the lovely pixie

    • I am assuming that this is the Jack Statt that is also a star! Oh my yes, I have had a blog for a good while now, well long enough to go from Blogger to WordPress. How can you live without the daily dose of Pixielogic on facebook?!!
      I post here about once a month, so stay tuned, Pixie will appear here as well! Hope you are doing well, I miss seeing you on Facebook and your witty remarks!
      Take care,

  4. TOUSSAINT Evelyne says:

    bonjour Cathy,
    Je suis une admiratrice de votre travail, je lis très régulièrement votre blog, vous êtes une artiste, une vraie, comme j’aimerai vous connaitre, voir votre atelier, vos expos, mais nous sommes loin.
    Poursuivez votre cheminement, d’une année à l’autre vos oeuvres sont de plus en plus magnifiques et pleines de messages, de grâce
    Je peins et modèle la terre, à mon niveau.
    Très cordialement
    Evelyne TOUSSAINT France

    • Cher Evelyn,
      Merci beaucoup pour tes mots gentils. Je suis profondément reconnaissant pour votre gentillesse. Je suis heureux que vous suiviez mon travail car c’est un très bon complément. J’aimerais vous rencontrer et discuter de l’art! Nous sommes assez éloignés les uns des autres.
      Merci pour votre temps et vos mots. Vous êtes un artiste qui sait ce qu’il faut entendre des autres, c’est comme écouter de la musique.
      Je vous souhaite beaucoup de succès dans votre travail!
      Prends soin,
      Cathy Hegman

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