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7 Responses to About

  1. Erik Linow says:

    Hi Cathy! – I have been on your homepage many times the last 14 days. There is so muh to admire, I get a lot of information (f ex october 2010, the process of the 3 paintings are very interesting), and I like your art very much.

  2. Barry says:

    I stumbled across your work and it has given me the urge to paint again after 5 years of being side-tracked by interior design projects. I feel an affinity to your work because I attempted something similar as an art student back in 1995… but I used thinned down bitumen and white emulsion paint.
    I have a few questions… I notice you pay attention to lighting. I really like the subtle play of light in your figures. What is your source material? Do you use photos or create the figures from your imagination?
    What does the circles represent? It makes the figures seem precarious and unstable cos they seem to balance on them like a ball… which I feel adds something to the paintings.

    • Thank you Barry! I create my figures from my imagination. I find this keeps them from appearing or being any one figure, they are simply elements of shape in the design of my painting. The series you are referring to is the Weight of Balance, which has the figures balancing on a circle. This implied balance is a metaphor for finding balance in our daily lives;and the serenity, although usually short lived, it brings. I am glad you found them interesting! I hope you will paint and share your work! The bitumen and white emulsion paint sound really interesting! I would love to see your work. Thank you again!!!
      Take care,

  3. Barry says:

    Thanks for the reply.
    The metaphor you explain is exactly how I saw the paintings… and probably what drew me to look
    at them further. What I like about them most is the edges… beautiful hazy edges. I used to paint and draw relying on a projector to save time. This turned into a bad habit and my artwork just became stiff and unoriginal as a result. So… like yourself… I am going to start painting from my own thoughts where you do not know what’s going to materialize and I can just enjoy the process.
    It’s 7am in the morning and I am afraid to start again…. the more something means to you the less sure you become.

    I discovered bitumen and white paint by mistake… just like Pollock. It was a happy accident. The white paint reacts with the bitumen and creates nice effects…. best thinned down to create a golden brown and to take away the shiny bitumen surface. Tried to create spirits or angels falling from the sky with no defined features…. what I like about your figures is they are anchored and somehow seem to show tangible human emotion. The figures are alone but happy and peaceful with their being alone. I think it’s the gesture of the hands that create the most serenity.
    I feel the metaphor for me is that you can be alone in life and find simple happiness… with no complications.

    I understand you use wax medium to create the surface. I cannot get this here in Egypt, not like in the UK. Even odorless turpentine is rare to find. I have never used wax medium before and hope I can find an alternative to create the hazy effect.

    I can send you some of my work… though I dislike it….but I cannot find your email address.

  4. Miranda says:

    I just found you/your art and I’m in love. Time to crack open my old paintboxes – you’ve re-awoken something that’s been snoozing for a long while. šŸ™‚ x

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